Bytes and Bites: How Denver’s Least Likely Duo Became Tech Inspiration

By June 13, 2023 No Comments

Running a successful IT company is as easy as rolling a burrito, right? Well, no, but stick with me here. As the co-founder of Castle Rock Sky, you wouldn’t believe where we got one of our business visions from: Burrito Co., a humble breakfast burrito joint sitting comfortably on the corner of Mississippi and Santa Fe. Here’s our slightly (green) saucy tale of business inspiration from a hole-in-the-wall burrito heaven.

Tucked away in a part of town where you might double-check your car is locked, the unassuming Burrito Co. has been outdoing itself for 15 years. Despite the graffiti on nearby walls and broken bottles in the parking lot, they serve the most legendary breakfast burritos this side of the universe. Who needs Michelin stars when you have a line out the door every morning, right?

One fateful day, my partner Corey and I found ourselves at Burrito Co., munching on their delicious breakfast burritos – a heavenly pile of scrambled eggs, sizzling sausage, and secret-recipe Colorado Green Chili. Forget fancy business seminars or overpriced self-help books, it was the bold, no-compromise flavor of these burritos that fired up our imaginations.

Mid-burrito, we had a moment of enlightenment, right there amidst the clash of pots and pans and over the top of our burrito-stained napkins. We wanted Castle Rock Sky to be just like Burrito Co. – yes, minus the food stains, but with the same relentless dedication to perfection, one byte (or should I say bite) at a time.

Like Burrito Co. never skimps on the quality of their breakfast burritos, we decided we wouldn’t shortchange our clients when it came to their tech solutions. And just like that, we started wrapping our services in a metaphorical tortilla of excellence and consistency, because who doesn’t want a tech solution as satisfying as a great burrito?

Amazingly, taking our cues from a burrito joint seemed to work. By placing unwavering emphasis on quality and consistency, Castle Rock Sky began climbing the tech ranks faster than a hungry customer downs a Burrito Co. special.

Even within our team, the slightly absurd but all too effective ‘burrito ethos’ inspired a sense of pride and dedication. Every member of our team, from the developers to the project managers, started handling each project with the same care and precision as Burrito Co.’s seasoned cooks handle each breakfast burrito.

Reflecting on our journey, it still seems ridiculous that a burrito joint at the intersection of Mississippi and Santa Fe provided us with the blueprint for success in the IT industry. Yet here we are, steadily making our mark on Denver’s tech scene, one project at a time, all while embracing the principles we learned from an unassuming breakfast burrito spot. Here’s to finding inspiration in the most unlikely places…and to really good burritos!

Next time you’re nearby, stop in and see what we mean – just ask for two Breakfast, Sausage, Cheese, Extra Hot.