It’s time to slay the Spaghetti Monster

Organized networking isn’t just about beauty: It’s about security.

Structured cabling refers to the physical low voltage wiring that is the backbone of digital communication in your office. A weak structure will guarantee future issues from performance and reliability all the way to data integrity and security. Castle Rock Sky understands how critical your office network infrastructure is to the daily operations of your business, and can help you with any cabling project from new tenant finish to a “restoration” of an ugly network closet that has seen years of neglect.

Chaotic and unmanaged network closets present more than just an eyesore. Difficult to follow jumper cables and a pile of mismanaged cords can make it easy for a bad actor to gain unnoticed access to your internal network. Cord hygiene is another weapon in the arsenal against cybercrime.

Whether you need Category 5E, Category 6, 6a, Fiber Optic cabling or even some RJ6 for your C-Span addiction, Castle Rock Sky is the is the only partner you need. Structured Cabling is first and foremost a business need. CRS will help you determine the proper levels of planning, design and execution. Our promise is to support your requirements now and well into the future. Contact Castle Rock Sky today for a 100% cost (and pain) free consultation and initial site survey.

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