Digital Marketing for Small Business

Is getting a return on your Digital Marketing budget even possible?

Help your small business work with Google Adwords (certified partners), Facebook Ads, etc.  General social media monitoring, remediation.  Available audits and reports on clicks, cost, profitability, conversion, etc all in a way you don’t need a PhD to understand.

You’re a small business.  If we tell you to set up and mange social media accounts for Google Adwords, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter… are your palms sweaty yet? 

In this day and age, a bad social media presence is worse than no presence.  Are you on top of your Yelp reviews?  Are you running scheduled campaigns during national disasters?  Do you have any idea how your spending correlates to conversions?  What does your social media marketing budget actually get you? 

If you feel like there are more questions than answers, drop us a quick line.  You’ll feel better after one of our signature “Pain-Free” discussions.  We’ll talk about your goals and what you’d like to see, offer you a free evaluation and then go from there.  Might be you’re doing just fine on your own… but if not, we’ll how you how we can help.

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